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The Inheritance Trilogy , by N. But why is it hers? Perhaps finding the true reason her mother died will be the key to her inheritance…. The Q ueen of the Tearling , by Erika Johansen In this blend of fantasy and speculative fiction, generations after a group of people left modern society to establish a new world without the burdens of modern technology, it has descended into feudalism. All bow in fear to the Red Queen, who rules with violence—until the rightful queen embarks on a perilous journey to take the throne herself.

The Queen of Blood , by Sarah Beth Durst Only the Queen of this world can prevent the destruction of all mankind from the spirits of the earth who want to destroy them. In the meantime, prospective heirs to the queen are trained in the event she cannot maintain the balance; Daleina is one of those girls with the power to control the spirits. But her power is weak, and unless a former champion-turned-exile can turn her into a Queen, their world might be lost. The Way of Kings , by Brandon Sanderson A sprawling fantasy in the aftermath of the falling of the Knights, the remnants of their weapons can turn normal men into soldiers capable of devastation.

A slave, a commander, and a scholar in training are scattered across the world, each with their part to play as the conflict bubbles over. Kvothe is a humble innkeeper—or so he wants people to believe, when in reality he is a myth many have presumed dead. When a scribe discovers his true identity, Kvothe shares his story from the beginning…but it truly begins when his parents are murdered by demons called Chandrian, and his quest to learn more about them, and how to destroy them. But the more he learns, the deeper he descends into a conflict in which he may no longer be the hero, but the villain.

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Starting with Jorg Ancrath watching his mother and brother slaughtered in front of him at the age of nine—and has dedicated himself ever since to exacting revenge against the man responsible, Count Renar. A hero with a just cause but a brutality that befits a villain, Jorg pursues the throne that belongs to him at all costs, including his humanity. When Claire finds herself swept away from her post World War II reunion with her husband into 18 th Century Scotland, not only is she consumed by the desire to find her way home again, but by her unexpected desire for another man.

The Dark is Rising , by Susan Cooper This classic series for kids that still holds up for adults when it comes to being plunged into a complex world rife with conflict and magic. Will Stanton discovers he is an Old One—an immortal who must protect the world against the Dark. To do so, he journeys to find six signs that are the key to protecting the world and people he loves.

But Kellas remembers what happened the last time he failed to protect a king and fears the worst will come if he is involved. But Elias does not want to be the warrior his society—and his mother, the evil Commandant— has forced him to become…and so defying the empire with Leila means betraying everyone who trusts him. Interspersed plot threads eventually converge as these otherwise normal people team up to defeat the goddess. This ability is of great interest to Anafiel Delauney, a nobleman who plans to train Phedre in how she can best use this ability.

But Delauney is unexpedtedly murdered, and Phedre knows too much about a conspiracy to usurp the throne. But his cocky attitude puts him in a sticky situation…aka a prison cell. When approached to steal a priceless object, he has no choice but to accept, if he ever wants his freedom. This series spans multiple books, with each expanding the world beyond the original story. Sister Light, Sister Dark , by Jane Yolen In a community devoid of men, an orphan child learns to defend herself…not knowing that her mirror sister, a girl who comes to life only in the dark—and either one of them could be the child legend believes is reborn from a goddess.

But when they choose a man unfit for the role of Sorcerer Royal and the magic of England is depleted—but the sorcerer himself is trying to discover why magic suffers under his care. Which brings him to a woman with a gift of magic he never could have seen coming—since woman are not supposed to practice it at all. A reimagining of British history with adventure, intrigue, and action. Their alliance is purely practical for her, until she starts to fall for him—the man she should want to kill.

The humans are cloistered in the protection of magical wards, but their power is waning. Arlen flees his home after his mother dies; Leesha works to heal the wounded after her reputation is shamed by a man she trusted; Jongleur survived a demon attack and lost a friend, but has made himself responsible for her son in exchange for her sacrifice. When their stories intertwine, they must band together to defeat an evil greater than the tragedies they have faced. Sierra discovers she is more than an artist; she is a shadowshaper, capable of magic that allows spirits to live in all forms of art.

Kaz Brekker is the kingpin of the Dregs, a community of criminals in the city of Ketterdam. His rise from a child of the slums to running the slums has been slow and torturous, but with one goal in mind: revenge. But to get his revenge—and for the audience to know why he wants it so much he would sacrifice anyone, even close friends, to get it—to occur, he needs more money, and more influence. To bring down the other wealthy power brokers, Kaz agrees to commit his team to accomplish an impossible heist.

On the table: their freedom. And if they lose, everyone dies. After a blood fever sweeps the kingdom, many died. Those who survived were marked by their silver hair and a scar. Adelina Amouteru is one of those children—abhorred by her father and feared by the community, she seeks a new community of people like her…when a tragic accident or an act entirely on purpose leaves her father dead, and Adelina in need of a place to hide. That is, before she exacts vengeance. But over time she comes to know the man who has held her prisoner, and the world he is struggling to protect.

Villains run amok in this series—and one of them in particular holds a candle for Feyre. Hint: read book two, A Court of Mist and Fury. Truthwitch , by Susan Dennard Best friends on the run after a gamble gone wrong find their troubles are about to get much worse. Iseult is a Threadwitch, able to distinguish the relationships between people around her, even as she remains an outcast in society.

Together, they are an unstoppable team. That is, until a dangerous Bloodwitch decides to target them, forcing them on a quest across their kingdom with tenuous alliances to either outrun or destroy him. The coming of age story of a young boy trained in magic by his aunt, able to conceal things such as his own village when it was under attack.

But when Sparrowhawk is taken on as an apprentice to learn more about magic, he finds himself learning about the darker side of his abilities. If she keeps writing them, I'll keep reading them. Favorite Quotes: "Isn't it wonderful not to have to be perfect to be loved? You are And I've never loved you more than I do right now. And I will always be your warrior, Mary mine. Always and forever. Subscribe to our blog by email! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Blood Vow by J. Ward Goodreads Author. The Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to train the best of the best to join them in the deadly battle against the Lessening Society. Among the new recruits, Axe proves to be a cunning and vicious fighter—and also a loner isolated because of personal tragedy.

Rhage, the Brother with the biggest heart, knows all about self-punishing, and he wants to help Axe reach his full potential. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Black Dagger Legacy 2. Mary Luce , Rhage , Axe , Elise. Caldwell, New York United States. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Romance Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Blood Vow , please sign up. I thought this was going to be a paperback series? Maybe that's just because it's early days yet, but to suddenly switch to Hardcover on Book 2 doesn't seem fair. I remember very specifically JR Ward saying this series was going back to the …more This is still only available as a HC, this is SO frustrating to me. Anybody else enjoying this series more than the original lately? I feel the spin off is more like the first few books of the BDB. Angelica Yes! Primarily because there's less details regarding the Lessers.

I hated how much space they took up in some of my favorite Originals Except for …more Yes! Except for when the Omega's son was revealed. Good crossover that ended too soon, in my opinion. See all 18 questions about Blood Vow…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 20, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , paranormal-romance , favorite-authors , cover-lust , reread-worthy.

I told you everything was going to be all right. And those are to remind you of how strong you are, how strong your love for your daughter is…how, even in the worst of times, things have a way of working out as they should. Axe and Elise and Mary, Rhage with their daughter Bitty. Ward and Wiki are to be read in order of release date. So like Dark Lover BDB 2. Lover Eternal BDB 3. Lover Awakened BDB 4. Lover Revealed BDB 5. Lover Unbound BDB 6. Lover Enshrined BDB 6.

Lover Avenged BDB 8. Lover Mine BDB 9. Lover Unleashed BDB Lover Reborn BDB Lover at Last BDB The King BDB The Shadows BDB 1. Blood Kiss BDL The Beast BDB 2. Blood Vow BDL The Chosen BDB 3. Axe was all broody and sexy. Hard with a past full of pain and abandonment. Into kink like a mini V. Axe is all alone in the world his mom walked out on him and his father when he was 10 because she wanted the nicer things in life and his father was a common laborer. His father having been a bonded male without his female was a shell of himself until he was killed in the raids two years ago.

Axe lived only to join the war against the Lessening Society until he met Elise. Elise a daughter in the Glymera was raised to look pretty, mate, and breed, but Elise had other plans for her life. She was working on her education in Psychology. She wants to have a private counseling practice for the vampire race specializing in PTSD. Elise was very outspoken and had an inner fire. I loved how up front she was she would tell you anything you wanted to know.

She was also smart, sweet, and brave. With Elise coming from a rich family, being part of the Glymera, and having an education, Axe felt he wasn't good enough for her. He was poor, common, an ex drug addict, into sex kink and just a soldier. Elise saw the good in him, the worth. Axe and Elise had an undeniable connection from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

They were a perfect couple with lots of passion. I really loved them together. But then she smiled. It increases my protective nature and will make me more lethal. So, yeah, anyone tries to so much as brush the ends of your hair with their elbow, and I will kill them four times over before I light their corpse on fire. I just wish Mary and Rhage didn't have to hurt so much. In this book Bitty's uncle Ruhn showed up looking for his niece. It was heart wrenching watching Rhage and Mary think they were going to lose their daughter after just getting her. My feels. There was this one part that just ripped my soul out and had me tearing up.

The only thing that kept the beast still inside him was the fact that it had gotten out the night before. Mary let him go for a time, but then she took the reins. The reality is that we knew we had to get through this six-month waiting period. And Bitty … she talked about an uncle. We need … as hard as this is, we have to see this through. The beast snapped to attention, its jowls curling up in a snarl at the angel. But Lassiter was undaunted—so not a shocker.

She had to start laughing. He really shined. I was laughing my ass off when Rhage's beast came out trashing everything and Lassiter did this whole here have a snickers your not you when your hungry crap. He is just so out there and crazy how could anyone not love Lassiter. He was so sweet and supportive of Mary, Rhage and Bitty in this book. I also loved how close Z and Bitty were. Z is my fav so I eat up anything with him in it but to have him be all sweet to little Bitty was totally swoon worthy. I thought I would hate Bitty's uncle Ruhn but I really liked him. I also liked the hints of the budding interest from Saxton.

I love Novo and although I didn't really like Peyton at first he has grown on me and now I can't wait to get my hands on their book. View all 39 comments. Axe and Elise There is magic involved every time I open a J. Sometimes when it is not empty I listen carefully to sighs and encouragements and pr Axe and Elise There is magic involved every time I open a J. And then I know that the pool table noises will stop, footsteps will be coming down the stairs, George will start barking, the TV will be silent, the vacuuming will stop and the dining room will be filled with voices and shouts and maybe music.

The Fall of Mapogo Lions - Brothers in blood - The Lions of Sabi Sand - The Downfall of The Mapogos

Frequently, I roll my eyes because what the subjects demand from the King is so trivial and simple and he and his brothers have a bloody war to fight and there is no time. But other times, my heart bleeds because what they ask is the impossible even for a King.

My heart also bleeds when I visit the Safe Place and I make myself invisible behind the curtains. Abuse is not limited to the human nation. If anything, it is more brutal, more life threatening in the vampire world. Vampires are much stronger than the rats without tails. They can hit harder, they can suffer more before they die, and they can bleed more.

And I know that maybe Havers will look cold and distant in front of them he has a god complex you may think. But when he knows that he is not watched, he will hide his face in his hands. And he will feel abandoned and desperate because whatever he does, it is not enough. I am well trained. I know what to expect. I followed Axe to The Keys. I had a mask and somebody had lent me a key to get in.

I heard the noises of the sexual aroused humans, I smelled sex everywhere, I could not see faces, I could not count how many were in each of the rooms. I ran away. But when Elise and Axe sat in front of the fire or shared the shower I tried to be discreet and I left them alone.

I knew what they were doing, anyway. I also followed Rhage, Mary and Bitty around. They were absolutely sure that was what they wanted. And I felt love, commitment, gratitude everywhere. The friends were helping, the family stayed together. And of course it was Christmas time.

Many gifts, many hugs and a Christmas tree. Picture perfect! Ruhn welcome! Did you really exchange glances with Saxton and the air was heavy and promising? Oh, maybe I just imagined it… 5 stars Rhage closed his eyes. Okay, so every time she called him that, his heart got too big for his chest and this unreal, won—the—lottery feeling sunrised all over him. Pure, full—bore awesomeness. View all 34 comments. Blood Vow is the second installment of the Black Dagger Legacy series which is spinned off from the main one, Black Dagger Brotherhood.

At first, I saw no reasons why J. Ward had to start her new series with the same setting and characters, but after I read Blood Kiss, I completely understood why she must do this. They're not a perfect match for me at first, but J. Ward made me feel like they're so good together while Axe's trying to be good for her. He's my type of hero. When it really mattered, your family, be they blood or by choice, were always where you needed them to be, even though they had busy lives and jobs and children of their own.

I loved the potential these two being together since The Beast, kinda didn't like them this much in Lover Eternal for some reasons. It broke my heart to see the story in The Beast continuing in this book. To be honest, the conflict Ward put into the first part of the book was unpleasant for me because I knew consequences weren't good, yet I was so glad to see how ingenious she turned the story and solved their problems at the end of this book.

How can I say about how much I loved Axe? I've already said but I want to do it again. He's yummy and sexy as hell view spoiler [especially when he wanna go submissive for his girl. That scene alone got me to give this book five stars. I've had a hunch before reading this book that Axe might be like Z. But I was wrong. Axe is reasonable and not judgemental even though he's neglected by his father. He's done so many wrong things but he can understand himself without someone reminding him who he is. Elise, too, is strong and independent, she rarely acts like she's a damsel in distress, she knows that everyone has their problems and it's unnecessary to judge people until you know them well.

Ward knows where to hit my points to fully enjoy her books. She wrote it the way she used to, nothing was changed. But the fresh start and how she put the pranks into her story were excellent as always and made me laugh my ass out. I liked her books because of them. Highly recommend! This is my best Christmas gift ever. And Lassiter is my other reason that I loved Blood Vow so damn much I marked it as my favorite of View all 12 comments. I enjoyed this immensely and I feel so thankful that it is the last book I read in 1.

I enjoyed this immensely and I feel so thankful that it is the last book I read in ! Well, in this series, Black Dagger Legacy , we get to see a younger generation as recruits, trying to join the elite protection force. And since this is book two, the cast is narrowed down to six trainees. The trainee that is the star of this book is Axe, who is kind of your token bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks character, while he is falling for a girl who he feels is out of his league. Elise is from a powerful and wealthy vampire house, but after the horrible tragedy that happened in BOOK ONE, her family is being extra protective of her.

All Elise wants to do is to be able to finish her college degree, but her father is making it rather difficult. That is, until he hires Axe to be her bodyguard to watch over her. I mean, just in general I think that BDB really showcases the importance and power of found families all the time, but this book has such a moving and wonderful discussion on adoption. I loved this subplot so much. This is truly a story about how blood is only blood and how we all have the power to love and pick our family.

Overall, I just love this world that JR Ward has crafted. She is the absolute queen of PNR and she continues to impress me with stories that feel new and fresh constantly. Lord, help me. View all 5 comments. Jun 17, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: fave-alpha-men , paranormal-romance , paranormal , amazing-heroines. Boy, I need to review this one soon. Honestly, I cannot get enough of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, so I am beyond ecstatic for the Black Dagger Legacy series, it feeds my addiction to these vampires!!

Axe turned his life around when his father was killed in the raids, he applied for the trainee program to do something good with his life and at the same time avenge his fathers death. Elise is an aristocratic, her rebellious cousin death Blood Kiss has affected her and her family to the point that she is being smothered and sheltered by her overprotective father. Her father refuses to allow her, her independence and attempts to smother her under tradition but Elise wants to finish her PhD in Psychology so she can become a Therapist to her race just like the humans have.

To achieve her goal, she agrees to a compromise, she will accept a bodyguard. When Axe previously met Elise, he was instantly attracted to her, he wants her……badly!! However; he feels that she is way out of his league. Axe and Elise have a bumpy road to their HEA and for the most part I enjoyed their storyline, but both have issues to work through, including huge trust issues.

Rhage and Mary have started the adoption process for Bitty who they both love and adore along with the rest of the brotherhood household. Their fear becomes a reality when Ruhn shows up to claim Bitty, what an emotional rollercoaster!!! Bitty is such a loving, sweet, and wise young girl. I loved their storyline and the outcome.

Lassiter: Lassiter, Lassiter, Lassiter……our favorite naughty fallen angel. Lassiter and Bitty have developed a very special and close bond, they have tons of fun together that will make you smile happily. We see the Lassiter we all know and love…snarky, crude, and outrageous at times. View all 11 comments. Jan 15, Beanbag Love added it Shelves: back-burner. I have not bought this book yet. Here's why: Paperback, yo. Not hardcover. So I'm going to buy it when it's the paperback it was sold to loyal readers as.

I've got plenty of money. It's just that I don't like being taken for granted by authors and their pub I have not bought this book yet. It's just that I don't like being taken for granted by authors and their publishers. So my protest will include me spending the money I might have spent on Blood Vow on something else. I'm gifting some of my favorite books to some friends. Because I loved them, they're independently published, and these two technically three authors never seem to forget that their fans are more than dollar signs. What a bargain. True -- pro published books are more expensive.

So it behooves the author to give what she or he promised the readers. The ones with the money. If you sold a series as paperback, then give us a reasonably priced paperback instead of greedily bumping it up to HC on the second book because you know we're loyal and you can squeeze a little more out of us. That kind of stink doesn't just go away.

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Some people might think I need a waaaambulance and it's really not all that important. But some of us are just plain tired of being played for chumps and something that might seem like just a few bucks give or take Frankly, it's insulting, and my money goes where I want it to go. Because while authors may not be their readers' bitches thank you Neil Gaiman for that one , readers are not authors' bitches either. ETA: the giveaway goes on. Uniquely Moi -- my dear friend -- got the second batch of the same books. Now I've spent more than the cost of Blood Vow.

As I say -- it's not that I can't afford it, it's that I'm not your bitch. View all 20 comments. I'm not a huge fan of this new generation of warriors, but the time spent with my Boys, their shellans and Bits - those moments alone make this story one I will re-read parts of often.

In fact, Blood Vow is well worth owning, so when the publisher decides they've go 4. In fact, Blood Vow is well worth owning, so when the publisher decides they've gouged enough readers and reduces the price, I'm sure I'll be picking it up. Until then, library copies will have to do. Ward has got her mojo back with the last couple of books.

This one has the feel of the older, classic books in the BDB series. Dark, sexy, funny and oh-so-kickass. Even though this series is about the trainees, we get plenty of the original brothers. The main romance is between the BDB trainee, Axe, and a member of the vamp aristocracy, Elise, but there is also a substantial side-story about Rhage and Mary. Plus, we get enough glimpses of Zsadist to make our hearts go pitter-patter, and J.

Plus, we get enough glimpses of Zsadist to make our hearts go pitter-patter, and a couple of scenes with other favorite brothers. In other words, no Phury.

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  3. So what happened in book one?.

Thank goodness!! Although, I could have used a little Qhuay in my life. Okay, a lot of Qhuay. I'm on a lot of teams, apparently. Axe was in the last book and he is the Mr. Bad Boy. He's bisexual, a former drug-addict, into kink, and very poor. He lives like a college student, on ramen noodles, by himself in a house with no electricity. Elise lives in a mansion with more rooms than your average hotel, and is going to human college for her degree in psychology which my sons assure me is about as useful as a degree in medieval basket weaving. Her father hires Axe to be her bodyguard.

And, as we all know, a sexy body guard ends up being a sexy body guard. He's got her covered. Axe: "If anyone tries to so much as brush the ends of your hair with their elbow, I will kill them four times over before I light their corpse on fire. While they are doing their sexy thing, Mary and Rhage are going through some crap with their new daughter, Bitty. What I want to know is who the hell got the idea that calling a young girl Bitty is in any way okay?

I mean, shit, give the kid a break! And, speaking of breaks, poor Bitty of the unfortunate name has to have all of the bones in her body broken. For reasons. This makes Rhage's beast make a surprise appearance. But, don't worry, Lassiter another of my favorites is on the scene. Lassiter was undaunted. You're not yourself when you're hangry.

Bitty's uncle shows up and I have high hopes for him in a future romance with someone that needs it badly. Plus, since our bisexual bad boy has decided on a girl, and our bisexual bad girl is going for a boy in the next book, we need at least one more couple who are playing for their own team. Come on!! He's ugly and horrible. I'm sorry, but I need my romantic leads to be less icky. They don't have to be perfect, but this guy doesn't have the personality to outshine his ugly face.

If that makes me shallow, I'm a tiny freaking puddle. Fingers crossed that the secondary story is about Qhuay. I won't give up my hopes for more of them. You thought I would use the Brokeback Mountain meme, didn't you? View all 9 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I feel like I need a disclaimer before I write this review. I love J. Ward, this book however I did not love. Here are my reasons: 1. I didn't like Axe and Elise. I didn't hate them, in fact I felt nothing for them which is really bad when they are the main characters. I got so bored that in the end I was skimming their chapters, never good sign. Now don't get me wrong this is what saved this book from being a one star but this book isn't titled T I feel like I need a disclaimer before I write this review.

Now don't get me wrong this is what saved this book from being a one star but this book isn't titled The Beast 2 and is suppose to be about the new cast of characters so when it counts on the original cast to carry it, and literally it is a continuation from The Beast, there is a problem.

In fact when I think about it that is the problem, the two story lines were constantly warring for attention, I wish it was either exclusively a book about the new characters, or a book about the Bitty situation so it could have gotten the attention it deserved but not both. This book was way too depressing. The Bitty stuff we knew was going to be a struggle, even if it turns out well, but why did this book have to constantly dwell on the death of Elise's cousin Allishon? It was like an obsession and not in a good way, again I found myself skimming a lot of pages. When I finished this book I realized I'm not excited for the next.

I remember when the BDB books would come out I couldn't wait for the next brother, I mean even if I wasn't happy with what happened I still wanted to read about V, Zhasdist, Phury, etc.. I could care less who gets with who or what book is next. I just don't feel like they have personalities that I care about or I know about. In the end I was disappointed in this book and wish I would have waited for a library copy. View all 22 comments.

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Dec 07, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it Shelves: pnr. Bitty also suffered, and because so many bones in her body were broken and healed poorly, they are afraid when she transitions into an adult vampire, she could have permanent damage to all of her limbs. On top of that, her blood-uncle makes contact looking for her and Mary and Rhage worry that he will take her away from them. Look — Bitty bored me tears because — we all know, Bitty is going to stay with Rhage and Mary.

My God, I wanted her to rebel or have some kind of attitude. Be a brat just for a second, Bitty! Even her uncle was super nice. It melts me. But, the entire family being this ooey-gooey lovey-dovey pile of mush? For half the book? My bitter, jaded heart was over it. The main couple is Axe and Elise and I liked them! Axe is a trainee at the BDB compound.

Ex-heroin user, super poor, abandoned by his mother, father killed in the raids. Belongs to a sex club. He was edgy and grumpy and badass. Elise is glymera — wealthy, privileged and her father is terrified for her safety after all the raids and murders that have occurred. He ends up hiring Axe to be her bodyguard — and the two have super hot chemistry.

Elise rebels against the glymera and wants to live her own life her own way.

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She was a stronger heroine for Ward — I enjoyed her a lot. Their relationship is spicy and hot. I also love the trainees — Peyton, the arrogant asshole, Novo another female trainee who is cool, and the quiet dude who has issues he will be a super sexy hero. The conflict between Elise and Axe at the end is a little meh and not sure if they were at the declaration of love yet — that felt weird for Axe to say. He is so jaded and hard-edged — him saying I love You felt odd. I believed in their romance, but maybe not in love yet?

I did enjoy reading this — Vishous is around. Lassiter was amazing! He not only made me laugh especially the last scene but he has such a sweet moment! His relationship with Bitty is more engaging that Rhage and Mary. I adore him. Now to get my hands on Xcor and Layla this Aprl. Grade: B View all 8 comments. Feb 02, Talia Red Hot Ink rated it it was amazing Shelves: sweet-heroine , alpha-male , broken-heroes , book-boyfriends , favorite-couple , warrior. There are not appropriare enough words to describe how much I love this woman's style.

I'm a sucker for pop culture references and all those names turned into verbs. If her style were a person, I'd hump their leg like a Chiwawa in heat. Now, before she gets a restraining order against me, let's get to the book. The main couples here are Axe and Elise and Rhage and Mary.

Now, Rhage is my favorite brother. I adore everything about him, his lighthearted spirits, his goofyness not sure he could ever be described as goofy, though and his utter devotion for his Mary. Although in this book his and Mary's story is rather tormented and broke my heart more than once, seeing them relying on each other to be strong awed me. I think this is the beauty of already knowing the characters, and already having read about them, multiple times I would have loved to see a little sexy times between the two of them.

I mean, I thought the hard part about being a dad was going to be the arguments—like her bringing some knuckle-dragging mouth breather home and expecting me not to slice off his smooth criminals and plant them in the yard. But this? I want to be the one going through it for her. Especially Rhage and Bitty together are the stuff romance bookworms' dreams are made of. He's so protective, funny and tender with her. And the way they would "gang together" against Mary was just The other couple, Axe and Elise, surprised me. I was curious about Axe and was totally happy that he ended up with someone the likes of Elise.

Their story was the vampire version of Romeo and Juliet. He's the dark, tatted, pierced commoner and she's the daughter of an aristocrat. He doesn't think he's worthy of her while all she sees is the valiant warrior heart beating in his inked chest. The attraction was palpable since the very first moment they laid eyes on each other, and the way their story progressed was refreshing.

I didn't care much for Elise's quest for independency, although I liked the angst added by her murdered cousin to it, but it was interesting to see how they grew closer and closer so naturally. I also liked how they didn't really resist that attraction. It seemed pointless, and it allowed us to witness many sweet, steamy moments that were just priceless.

Oh, I also loved that scene when Elise's out with another guy and Axe just shows up to make sure she's safe Anyway, it was such a great scene! I accept that. But the least that you can do as I sit here and watch you with that man is leave me in peace to enjoy the sight of you. It is all I have. Right on that table over there, right in front of him to prove I can. And the hot scenes between the two of them are seriously windowshield-foggying.

So, if Elise was a very fine, yet not memorable character, Axe was truly amazing. His background story was so different from all the Brothers and trainee's ones, and it laced perfectly around his personality and issues. Another thing, I'm finding myself liking the Legacy's books even more than the latest BDB ones because of the fewer POVs and the major focus on the romantic part.

Sure, there's still lots of action, and trainees dramas, and that desperation clinging to certain characters like it's a second skin in total Ward's style, but all in all they're lighter reads, with lots more fun moments

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