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  • A Killer of Serial Women: A True Story.
  • vamos a echar pa'lante.
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  • Cugat in France, Spain, and Italy.

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Retrieved 7 May No Jodas, Vives en Puerto Rico? Retrieved 29 August Retrieved 9 October Currently, we are concentrating on creating a Cultural Praxis Handbook. The handbook will flesh out specific practices that will institutionalize philosophies into practice. One such philosophy is the importance of self-care. To ensure that this philosophy is put into practice, we have established processes of debrief, peer support, and flexed time when staff have had difficult interactions with clients. This work takes care, attention, and time.

It is not always easygoing as we need to make safe space for the team to express their opinions, ideas and dissent. However, it is important work that will strengthen our infrastructure, our service provision, and our professional skills as individuals. Our unique program focuses on the strengths of the survivor, offering non-judgmental support for their individual journey.

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It is a safe space for survivors to share their experiences, gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, and learn invaluable skills needed to live a life free from violence. In this venue, parenting skills and other family dynamics are addressed. This not only improves family relationships, but serves as a violence prevention tool as it teaches children models for non-violent, healthy relationships. They participate in all aspects of agency services, including the provision of crisis line counseling, support group facilitation, and program planning and development.

They are greatly valued and appreciated for the amazing work they do for survivors. Wellness is a holistic concept that takes into account both physical and mental wellness. With this in mind, the Wellness Group will promote wellness through physical activity, eating healthy, greater connection to community, and healthier relationships. The kick-off event will be held on Friday, January 25th from 2pm to 5pm and will include a walk or run around the Mission District and a potluck afterwards.

Cugat in France, Spain, and Italy

All community members are welcome. I don't remember exactly; but it may had been a poster on a bus-stop in the Mission showing a badly hurt woman with a black eye and a message implying that domestic violence is rarely quite as obvious as that! I am not even sure if it was a WOMAN Inc poster, but it prompted me to learn more about how I can support local organizations fighting domestic violence. To me, the most inspiring aspect of your program is the focus on survivor empowerment--recovery from abuse by people we trust and love is never easy; much courage is needed at times when we are emotionally weakened; and we may falter or make awful mistakes even while extricating ourselves from those relationships.

I believe WOMAN Inc makes a huge difference because you help survivors realize they are not alone if they reach out, that it is possible to regain control and efficacy in their lives, even when it seems oh so hopeless and terrifying sometimes. Your support groups and crisis line advocates empower survivors by giving them options and resources to which they may not otherwise have access. What is the impact you hope for your support to have on the community? I know you have outreach programs to raise public awareness; that is a good thing as it should enable people to recognize less obvious signs of abuse in their own lives as well as the lives of others, and hopefully be better informed on how to handle abusive situations.

Can you share one fun fact about yourself? Those were entirely damaged by the saltwater.

Trying to rebuild was a nightmare: Filing insurance claims in an island with no electricity or internet service was damn near impossible and companies took a long time to pay the couple back; construction materials were either hard to find or got more expensive as everyone tried to fix the wreckage; and with no business, they saw their savings disappear. Related Stories. Hurricane Maria Killed 2, Puerto Ricans. Friday marks ten months since the historic hurricane struck Puerto Rico.

The Category 4 phenomenon, devastated the U. We all know what happened next: hundreds of thousands were without water or electricity for months, some even to this day ; people in the island faced food shortages and a lack of medical resources , a mental health crisis brewed , and there were thousands of storm-related deaths. The Morales, who have been married for 10 years, decided to stay despite having family stateside. Janet painted one in a wall. I googled how to fix refrigeration systems and I did it myself. Our children Cynthia and Naldo came to help us.

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And sometimes our family would send us money to help out, too. But all the couple had built came crashing down when la marejada came. As a massive northeaster pummeled the East Coast, large swells made their way down to Puerto Rico on March 5. But this time, they had absolutely no cash and were about to lose their house, too.

Echar Pa’Lante bets on Puerto Rican children and youngsters

Then, the phone rang. A representative of Paramount Network's Bar Rescue called Victor earlier this year to tell him the show could feature El K'rajo in an episode and that host Jon Taffer was interested in helping the family.

The Morales were understandably shocked. Laughing, Janet told me she asked Victor if he had "smoked" anything. A few days after, I followed. Taffer, who lived in Puerto Rico as a child, told me he felt it was his duty to help the family. They were feelings," he said. With this family and community, I think we can make a difference. They had all the qualities we want to rescue. admin