Transmetropolitan, Vol. 4: The New Scum

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But even if he manages to being the public the unvarnished truth, the question still remains: will they do the right thing once they have it? Toggle navigation. Download high-resolution cover. Transmetropolitan Vol. Illustrated by Darick Robertson. Add to Wish List. DC Comics Vertigo. On sale Nov 03, Pages Add to cart Add to list Exam Copies. Sin City meets The Matrix. Ellis lives outside London, on the south-east coast of England, in case he needs to make a quick getaway. Learn more about Warren Ellis.

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Darick Robertson is a veteran comic artist who has worked at DC Comics and Marvel for nearly twenty years. Learn more about and and Darick Robertson. Learn more about and and and Darick Robertson. Other books by this author. The Wild Storm Vol. Warren Ellis , Jon Davis-Hunt. Transmetropolitan Book Two. Warren Ellis , Darren Robertson. Seriously, t 3. Seriously, the previous volumes portray him as a Junkie who cares nothing about humanity, but the absurdities of humanity.

But this volume paints him in a different light. Can a death change a person this much? Because it's not like subtle changes or random acts of niceties. He was a genuine saint in this volume. The highlights of the issue are the two spectacular interviews with the presidential candidates. I had genuine goosebumps when Spider was interviewing Cary Callahan face-to-face.

The build-up, the dialogues and the art all came together at this point to deliver one helluva scene in this volume. I also loved Yelena and Channon's chemistry and exchanges. They were fun to watch! Warren Ellis has considerably slowed down the pace which I believe is great for the story as a whole. But as a single volume, this one is weaker than its predecessors. Also, There is a lot of ranting in this one!

View all 8 comments. Oct 06, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: comics.

Transmetropolitan Vol. 4: The New Scum TP

Kind of felt like a step down from previous volumes. This one seemed to have sacrificed some of the mad, furious energy that fueled Ellis through other volumes. Possibly because things needed to be done here, so Ellis restrained himself to see that they were done. And so they were.

We get a more complete view of each presidential candidate. One is actually compelling and seems like a real person, the other is a cardboard cutout villain. Guess which gets elected president? I'm guessing that much Kind of felt like a step down from previous volumes. I'm guessing that much of the remainder of the series will be dealing with him, which gives the book the overarching story that I guess Ellis was going for.

Me, I was happy with the more scattershot portraits of a future city. Minor complaints, on the whole. Ellis is still a good writer, he still has something to say, and he still has plenty of imagination to keep his future city populated and interesting. View 1 comment. Sep 17, Jedi JC Daquis rated it really liked it. The election results have been announced and the country has a new president. The New Scum has decided and Spider Jerusalem is so angry who the country has voted for. The death of his friend Vita Severn has finally paid off. It is a sad truth that even Jerusalem cannot expose since he doesn't have the facts but was absolutely sure that it was the same group where Severn belongs who ordered it.

There is so much drama in politics. Haha, aside from that, it is good to see some funny dynamics between Channon and Yelena the filthy assistants , especially without their presence of their boss Spider. This volume felt like a mid-season finale. Now that there's a new status quo, I expect that things will be way more crazy and rowdy in the next volumes.

The New Scum refers to the part of the City where the very lower classes manage to scrape by their existences. Spider doesn't think too highly of the men who subjugate these people, but he also expects more from them in terms of their civic responsibilities. Warren Ellis has always been an impressive writer save maybe for Avengers: Endless Wartime - which is a dirty stinker but here, you just see the pure vitriol, spite, anger, scorn, rage, and disappointment that fuels his writing. Or at least I feel like that's what's being poured into Spider, who is some sort of pseudo-Ellis here.

However, the most important moment in the whole volume for me is when Spider acts like a compassionate human being towards a sad lost little girl and later, her mother. From what most of us have seen of Spider, this is so out of character, it seems shocking Would he have been so angry at the people in the wake of the election? I think this is a great way Ellis shows us underneath, that the high hopes being crushed are what fuels the rage of Spider. A strong volume for sure, but not for the faint of heart Get this review and more at Mar 19, Dan rated it really liked it.

People even presented with the truth still vote wrong. Jan 19, Ivan rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Weakest part so far. It's still very good but not as good as previous entries. Nov 16, Devann rated it really liked it Shelves: g-scifi-dystopian , cr-morally-gray , c-dl , star , t-graphic-novel , a-adult. This one wasn't quite as good as the previous volume, but it definitely looks like the shit is about to hit the fan for Spider in the near future. But let's talk about the real breakout stars of this volume: Seriously they were just killing me the whole time Although Spider did have a few good moments too And as always the 'future' looks waaay too much like the present.

So far, my least favorite volume of Spider Jerusalem's stories. It wasn't bad at all, but it was more or less the ending of what volume 3 started. Half of the storylines were interesting and offered closure, but the other half were just about Spider wandering in the cities and looking for stories. They were almost wordless and over before they started. Not that I have anything against visual storytelling, but Spider Jerusalem is about more than that.

He cannot afford to be uninspired and I can't So far, my least favorite volume of Spider Jerusalem's stories. He cannot afford to be uninspired and I can't wait to have him face off against the president. The New Scum was good, but its gaze is wandering a little too much. May 28, J. Keely rated it really liked it Shelves: cyberpunk , comics , science-fiction , humor , reviewed , dystopia. Series review here. My Suggested Reading In Comics. Jun 15, Ed Erwin rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf , dystopia , comics. For me, this is the best volume of this story so far.

Incredibly detailed run-down filthy high-tech Sci-Fi scenery. Interesting characters. Sharp, caustic satire. He exposes them both to the public in all their awfulness and the public mostly shrug it off in apathy. Spider hates them for it. But if all you have is 2 bad choices, why should you care? The interview with "The Beast" takes place in wh For me, this is the best volume of this story so far. The interview with "The Beast" takes place in what might as well be Grump tower, so it is easy to compare him to a certain real-world Grump.

But the art in that section makes me see him more as Cerebus as Prime Minister brooding in his hotel room in High Society. For both Cerebus and "The Beast", nothing can make them happy. They want power and money, but don't know what to do with it and get no pleasure from it.

Feb 27, Sam Quixote rated it it was amazing. Following a shocking political assassination, the election between the Beast and the Smiler ramps up and Spider Jerusalem finds himself courted by both candidates for interviews. This book has Warren Ellis writing more about the world of the City with Spider, amidst the campaign madness, showing the reader the poverty stricken and the disenfranchised that live within the richest country in the world.

Transmetropolitan- Vol 4 The New Scum (Review)

You even get to see Spider… be nice. He shows his true colours here and makes it clear that Spider is on his hit-list when he gets into office. View 2 comments. Sep 24, Daniel rated it it was amazing.

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Volume 4 of the continuing journey of Spider Jerusalem finds our intrepid hero embroiled in interviewing the serving President of the United States, and his rival, Callahan, also known as The Smiler. This is a tense interview in both cases, but Spider can't help but support the serving President, also call The Beast, as the better of two evils. What transpires between Callahan and Spider is made even more interesting when he actually admits to having his personal assistant, and friend to Spider, Volume 4 of the continuing journey of Spider Jerusalem finds our intrepid hero embroiled in interviewing the serving President of the United States, and his rival, Callahan, also known as The Smiler.

What transpires between Callahan and Spider is made even more interesting when he actually admits to having his personal assistant, and friend to Spider, Vita Severev, killed. This sympathy act garnered The Smiler even more votes and resulted in him winning the Presidency. He makes sure to set up Spider so that none of his capture or recording technology worked during the interview in which he also threatened to destroy Spider after he is made President.

The gloom here is palpable by the end of the book, and the foreshadow for the next volume is heavy and thick. This just keeps getting better and better for the reader. Add into this book some Christmas satire and a snowball flinging story as add-ons at the end of the volume, and you have just read a wonderful addition to the line. My Homeys got this for me for my birthday, and Volume 5, which I will delve into within the next couple days.

Can't wait for it! May 07, Titas I read in bed rated it really liked it Shelves: vertigo-comics , sci-fi , not-for-kids. Spider was hating society before it was cool The only spider that I loved in my life! Oh man. That was the best volume so far. So much anger, grit and pain, wrapped in such bitter and yet fun narrative.

Each issue gave me shivers, especially the fourth one, or issue The ending was very strong, too! Loved this whole volume. The two winter tales that are included in a newer version of the trade are also very good and kind of help to ease the anger built up from the main arc. So much to relate to in our current US political system. Each time I see Callahan's face I want to rip out the page and punch the crap out of it.

At the beginning of the series when I started way long ago, I liked to enjoy Spider's gruff take, it was funny, it was an escape, it was fictional Now, it seems like reality and I feel like I'm Spider myself in several ways. I feel it. I'm with you Spider. Absolutely cannot wait to get 5. Mar 01, The Library Ladies rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , dystopia , graphic-novels.

Because Spider, Yelena, and Channon are all so perfect and filled with snark originally reviewed at thelibraryladies. Because Spider, Yelena, and Channon are all so perfect and filled with snark.

  • Transmetropolitan Graphic Novel Volume 4 The New Scum.
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We pick up where Volume 3 left off. Spider and the world, really is mourning the assassination of Vita Severn. And with the election coming up, Spider wants to get the truth out in the only way he knows how. Because the choices are The Beast, or The Smiler.

And either way, Spider, and the country, is screwed…. And along with that we get a Christmas story and a story about the joys of Winter! Ellis continues his masterful and deft political satire that continues to feel just as relevant today as it felt back when it was first written.

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You either get stuck with The Beast, who has driven the country into the ground with oppressive and totalitarian policies, or you end up with The Smiler… Who has managed to prove himself far, far deadlier and menacing than his opponent behind closed doors. There are two moments in this book where Spider confronts both candidates. We get a swift reminder that The Beast is still basically the worst and he even kind of looks like a certain presidential advisor , but at the same time you see the portrait of a man who is less beastly, and more pathetic and complacent.

It was a very interesting and kind of pathos ridden final confrontation between Spider and President Beast. It is here that we get full confirmation that he is a full blown psychopath who just kind of wants to watch the world burn. And it is in this volume that we see Spider, wily, truth pursuing and clever Spider, is bested. Spider had an enemy in The Beast, for sure.

But The Smiler is full on intent of annihilating him and wiping him from the Earth. Finishing that arc before the next left me feeling drained and in need of chocolate cake. In one of our offshoot stories, Spider finds himself meeting up with Mary, his friend who was frozen from the 20th Century and woke up in a scary and completely different future.

As she talks about how different it all is, there are still the little joys that make her happy, even if the world is overwhelming and sometimes scares the crap out of her and then Spider gives her a camera, as she was a photographer in her old life, and that just made my heart sing. In this same story Spider meets a little girl whose Mom had to pawn her favorite doll…. So Spider buys it back for her.

You decide what that means. Winter means change. Winter means a rebirth is coming.

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Winter means that we can always look forward to the next one, and maybe next Winter will be better. It was a poignant and stunning one off that, true, feels a little harder to swallow these days. In these moments, I was able to feel at least a little calmer. Thanks for the hope, Spider. admin