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According to Bertrand Mathieu, Rimbaud wrote the work in a dilapidated barn. They had begun a complicated homosexual relationship in spring , and they quarreled frequently. Verlaine had bouts of suicidal behavior and drunkenness. When Rimbaud announced he planned to leave while they were staying in Brussels in July , Verlaine fired two shots from his revolver, wounding Rimbaud once. After subsequent threats of violence, Verlaine was arrested and incarcerated to two years hard labour. After their parting, Rimbaud returned home to complete the work and published A Season in Hell.

However, when his reputation was marred because of his actions with Verlaine, he received negative reviews and was snubbed by Parisian art and literary circles.

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In anger, Rimbaud burned his manuscripts and likely never wrote poetry again. According to some sources [ who?

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According to biographer, Graham Robb , this began "as an attempt to explain why some of his [Rimbaud's] poems are so hard to understand, especially when sober". He finished the work in a farmhouse in Roche, Ardennes. There is a marked contrast between the hallucinogenic quality of Une Saison' s second chapter, "Mauvais Sang" "Bad Blood" and even the most hashish-influenced of the immediately preceding verses that he wrote in Paris. The two sections of chapter four apply this sensibility in professional and personal confession; and then, slowly but surely, at age 18, he begins to think clearly about his real future; the introductory chapter being a product of this later phase.

The prose poem is loosely divided into nine parts, some of which are much shorter than others. They differ markedly in tone and narrative comprehensibility, with some, such as "Bad Blood," 'being much more obviously influenced by Rimbaud's drug use than others, some argue.

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This becomes clear if one compares the final version with the earlier versions. Mathieu describes A Season in Hell as "a terribly enigmatic poem", and a "brilliantly near-hysterical quarrel between the poet and his 'other'. One voice is wildly in love with the miracle of light and childhood, the other finds all these literary shenanigans rather damnable and 'idiotic'.

For Wallace Fowlie writing in the introduction to his University of Chicago pub translation, "the ultimate lesson" of this "complex" p4 and "troublesome" p5 text states that "poetry is one way by which life may be changed and renewed. Poetry is one possible stage in a life process. Within the limits of man's fate, the poet's language is able to express his existence although it is not able to create it. Its greatest source of frustration, like that of every important poem, is the realization that it's impossible for any of us to escape the set limits imposed on us by 'reality.

Academic critics [ who? Among them, Henry Miller was important in introducing Rimbaud to America in the sixties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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He's passion, rebellion, progress. He's also moody and depressing - "I called the plagues to smother me in blood, in sand Arthur Rimbaud. While he disliked school, Rimbaud excelled in his studies and, encouraged by a private tutor, tried his hand at poetry. Shortly thereafter, Rimbaud sent his work to the renowned symbolist poet Paul Verlaine and received in response a one-way ticket to Paris.

By late September , at the age of sixteen, Rimbaud had ignited with Verlaine one of the most notoriously turbulent affairs in the history of literature. Their relationship reached a boiling point in the summer of , when Verlaine, frustrated by an increasingly distant Rimbaud, attacked his lover with a revolver in a drunken rage.

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The following year, Rimbaud traveled to London with the poet Germain Nouveau, to compile and publish his transcendent Illuminations. It was to be Rimbaud's final publication. By , he would give up writing altogether for a more stable life as merchant in Yemen, where he stayed until a painful condition in his knee forced him back to France for treatment. In , Rimbaud was misdiagnosed with a case of tuberculosissynovitis and advised to have his leg removed. admin