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It is therefore a natural demarcation between the CMA and the Platform coalition and the tribes that compose them. This split was mainly due to community and commercial rivalries within the Berabiche community. Hide Footnote These battles reinforced the idea that armed conflict was mainly motivated by drug trafficking interests.

In addition, rumour has attributed to the military leaders of some of the main armed movements or their relatives a leading role in drug trafficking. The son-in-law of the leader of a major politico-military movement in northern Mali was recently arrested in Niger for hashish trafficking. A few weeks later, in June , the inter-Malian peace agreement was signed, containing a provision to make this city the capital of a new region. The leading traffickers may be influential in the armed groups who signed the peace agreement, but they rarely hold high-ranking positions.

During phases of conflict between armed groups, many traffickers arrange to maintain contacts in each camp. Thus, between and , when tensions were high between the CMA and the Platform coalition — and especially between Ifogha and Imrad — traffickers linked to each camp agreed to jointly ensure the security of drug convoys. Crisis Group interview, leader of the Platform coalition, Bamako, March The vast majority of clashes between traffickers are not publicised and have no impact on the balance of power between armed groups.

Crisis Group interview, economic operator of the Kidal region, Niamey, May Another case indicates that mediators who are close to the state can also play this role. In August , after Berabiche traffickers intercepted a convoy escorted by members of the Ifogha community in Mauritanian territory, a Berabiche officer of Malian state security negotiated with both parties for restitution.

Hide Footnote They only lead to conflict between armed groups when certain factors come together, such as the presence among the traffickers of a senior leader of an armed group, extreme tension between the armed groups or issues related to their control of strategic axes. Hide Footnote But local mediation processes, initiated by the actors of the conflict, have sought ways to regulate the tensions between traffickers.

Trafficking was the subject of discussions behind the scenes of the negotiations in Ouagadougou in June and Algiers in Shortly after the meeting in Ouagadougou, the Malian state lifted the arrest warrants issued against several figures of the rebellion, some of whom were designated as drug traffickers, as part of confidence-building measures intended to make negotiations easier. Hide Footnote Diplomats in Algiers have been reluctant to openly address a subject taboo because of its high-level political implications.

Hide Footnote It was up to the main traffickers or their relatives, members of official delegations, to ensure that their interests were not threatened and that those of their rivals were not favoured. This has made a connection possible, albeit discreet and limited, between the inter-Malian political process supervised from Bamako and local initiatives that can be complementary. Representatives of armed groups who signed the peace agreement have sought to isolate the clashes between traffickers so that they no longer involve either the CMA or the Platform coalition.

Much of the discussions bore on issues of justice and reparation after the CMA strongly condemned attacks on civilians in Kidal by a GATIA military leader in the spring of For its part, the Qadis Commission did not respond to complaints filed by traffickers whose cargo had been intercepted. There is no guarantee, however, that this local conflict management mechanism would survive renewed tensions between the CMA and the Platform coalition, or intense clashes between traffickers, especially since many trafficking networks are beyond the control of CMA and Platform coalition representatives.

Nevertheless, at this stage it is the only means accepted by the signatory groups for reducing the violence associated with drug trafficking. Measures to fight drug trafficking in Mali remain limited in scope and effect. Most national and international public actors recognise the need to combat organised crime, but many of them abdicate responsibility for doing so, on the grounds that it is not within their competence. At its inception, the OCS had representatives in Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal, but suffered from a lack of resources that prevented it from carrying out large-scale operations.

It recently reappointed several agents to the north, but the bulk of its staff and operations are now concentrated in the south. The OCS has made most of its seizures in the south and particularly in Bamako. A certain number of seizures can also be credited to the Malian customs particularly in the Kayes region, in the south west of the country , mainly of Indian hemp produced in Ghana or Nigeria and destined for Senegal, as well as cocaine. Hide Footnote The last major cocaine seizure in the south took place in at Nara Koulikoro region , close to the border with Mauritania; the confiscated drugs then went missing.

For example, a Nigerien police operation last June led to the incineration of 2. This operation, however, may be simply the result of a settling of scores between Nigerien trafficking networks. If the fight against drugs became an instrument of rivalries between trafficking networks, it could increase the violence associated with trafficking. Crisis Group interviews and email correspondence, Nigerien army officer, official of an international agency combating organised crime, Bamako, April and June These rumours persist though the authorities deny any such connections. In the north of the country, seizures are rare and the fight against drugs is often the subject of local political manipulation.

In , Colonel Gamou, then commander of army operations and strongman of the Imrad community, on which the Malian presidency relied, carried out a major cocaine seizure in Kidal. It led to the arrest of several traffickers from Ifogha and Kounta communities, who were then rivals of the Imrad community and of the Tilemsi Arabs, who were supported by the state. Crisis Group interviews and email correspondence, Kidal elected representative, member of an armed group, Bamako, March and July Hide Footnote Since , no major drug seizure has taken place in the north, other than a few seizures of tramadol, a potent analgesic, partly intended for local consumption.

Hide Footnote No major seizure of hashish has reportedly been carried out in northern Mali since the end of the s, or possibly even before. State defence and security services officials will be ineffective as long as they are not fully redeployed to the north, the balance of power remains with trafficking groups that have enough political influence to hinder investigations.

Hide Footnote Several cases of pressure on state agents in Gao and Timbuktu, particularly between and , have been reported. No seizures have taken place there recently despite the gradual deployment of close to security and defence personnel since Most international actors in the Sahel make fighting organised crime a priority. Hide Footnote For its part, the G5-Sahel, a joint initiative of five countries in the region Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger , has in its mandate fighting cross-border organised crime, of which drug trafficking is an essential component.

Yet there is a significant gap between strategic ambitions and operational reality. Hide Footnote In Mali, it ranks well below implementation of the peace agreement, anti-terrorist operations and trying to stop clandestine migration. Hide Footnote Its activities mainly concern strategic advice, training and coordination between security actors.

As such, it can play a useful role in general reorganisation of internal security services driven by the Ministry of Security. But in the field, its action, mainly concentrated in Bamako, has up to now done little to curb drug trafficking in the north of the country, where Malian forces are redeployed very weakly. Hide Footnote These links, often suggested but hard to bring to light, make police interventions particularly delicate. Hide Footnote Most international actors say they do not know who to depend on within the Malian state apparatus to act against drug trafficking.

Hide Footnote Without more willingness on the part of governments to fight drug trafficking, it will remain unsuccessful. Hide Footnote In Mali, Barkhane operations targeting the logistics flows of jihadist groups sometimes enable incidental interception of drug shipments. Hide Footnote In northern Niger, Barkhane has already intercepted shipments of hashish during operations that did not have fighting trafficking as a goal.

Hide Footnote But the French military operation is not intended, at least for the moment, to replicate such seizures. International forces are, however, in ambiguous situations when they collaborate for the purposes of counter-terrorism with armed groups that they know are also linked to trafficking networks. Hide Footnote while others, including diplomats, even believe that if these flows can not be interrupted it is better to help direct them to allies rather than to groups linked to jihadists or to other countries in the sub-region. Hide Footnote It is difficult to know if these positions are only personal predilections or if they reflect an unofficial political strategy.

But in practice, if not in intent, certain French military interventions are influencing the drug trafficking economy. The fight against drug trafficking has had few real successes and remains a challenge for all states engaged in it. Hide Footnote To be effective, it should be global and coordinated among the authorities in the countries of production, transit and destination.

At the same time, strategies should be developed on a case-by-case basis according to regional and national contexts.

VIGIE - Plateforme d'intelligence économique

In the Sahel, efforts must focus on the most destabilising consequences of drug trafficking for the region and Mali in particular. Other than the specific violence that drug trafficking produces in northern Mali, there is no reason to launch a stronger frontal attack than in the neighbouring countries that are also transit or even production areas.

Most of the trafficking comes from a single product, cannabis resin, which a growing number of states are legalising for regulated use. The most recent is Canada, in October Le dernier en date est le Canada en octobre In northern Mali, prohibition is unrealistic in the immediate future. Malian authorities and their international partners should first attempt to demilitarise drug trafficking and reduce the associated violence.

To do this, they have to go beyond police repression and make use of a wide range of tools. At the end of this process, criminal groups will remain in northern Mali but their ability to generate destabilising violence would be drastically weakened. The goal may seem modest and offend police institutions that are uncomfortable with leaving criminal groups in the region.

Hide Footnote Yet in the short term, demilitarisation is perhaps the only realistic objective, especially since many major traffickers and leaders of politico-military groups have an interest in pacifying the circulation of goods, licit or not, in northern Mali. The peace agreement signed in Bamako in deliberately ignored the role of drug trafficking in armed violence.

It was thereby deprived of the ability to put in place tools to limit its destabilising effects. This is all the more conceivable as most armed groups and traffickers are looking for local arbitration mechanisms. The often informal rationale of these pacts is adapted to the practices of local actors but is more difficult to reconcile with the institutional logic of the Malian state and even more so that of international actors. Hide Footnote Yet all have a provisional interest in accommodating themselves to the local pacts: the deals must be conceived of as temporary tools, made necessary by the current extreme weakness of the Malian state in the north of the territory.

They constitute instances of dialogue, consultation and arbitration among the most influential local actors. The commissions set up by these pacts are not intended to be entrusted with policing duties. But they should be allowed to have recourse to the security bodies created by the peace agreement of June , starting with the Technical Security Commission CTS set up to supervise the implementation of the ceasefire and investigate violations. They could report to the CTS clashes between traffickers that they are powerless to stop.

But they should promote regional pacts, which are complementary to the inter-Malian peace process. Without supporting them officially or financially, they could encourage them to set up arbitration mechanisms in each of the five regions of northern Mali to reduce the violence caused by drug trafficking. Limiting access to arms, and in particular heavy weapons, which destabilise the north and feed militias that are able to compete with a weakened state, should be a priority for the Malian state and all international actors.

These armaments are mounted on pickup trucks to protect or attack convoys. In other words, forces such as the MINUSMA, Barkhane and the G5 Sahel have no choice but to work actively toward demilitarisation of drug trafficking in order to fulfil their mandate, whether or not it mentions fighting organised crime.

These measures targeting signatory armed groups also have a significant impact on the military resources that the drug traffickers can mobilise. But this CTS mission is not fully recognised by all the armed groups that are members of it. Though not explicitly targeting the drug traffickers, the DDR program will still have an effect on them by depriving them of the military resources available to the signatory groups. The DDR program has fallen far behind schedule, however, due to disagreements among signatories, particularly on the number and rank of the fighters to be reintegrated.

Resistance to the DDR program is also linked to the benefits that the owners of weapons derive from the work done for the drug traffickers. There again, the DDR program and drug trafficking issues cannot be separated. For this reason, to have any chance of success the DDR program must target simultaneously as many armed groups with interests in drug trafficking as possible. International forces, and Barkhane in particular, should resist the temptation to favour certain armed groups involved in trafficking because they are participating in the fight against jihadists.

Hide Footnote If they are not careful, they risk repeating the mistake made by the Malian state in the s of favouring one coalition of armed groups linked to drug trafficking over another. This would have the effect of further militarising the trafficking components of these groups while dissuading rival groups from disarming, or even encouraging them to arm themselves more. The solution will rather be demilitarisation of the largest number of trafficking networks. This will certainly not eradicate the problem of drugs circulating in the Sahel but it will limit its worst effects on the stability of northern Mali.

The gradual demilitarisation of traffickers therefore relies, on one hand, on local arbitration mechanisms that associate drug traffickers and, on the other hand, on an effective DDR process. To this dual approach must be added to coercive means in order to sanction drug traffickers who refuse to commit to the path of demilitarisation. The Technical Security Commission set up by the Inter-Malian peace agreement could impose sanctions to increase the pressure on these actors.

It should condemn repeated violations of the rules for registration of convoys and confiscate the heavy weapons from unauthorised convoys that belong to signatory armed groups. This sanction, the only one provided for by the CTS, is hardly being implemented at the moment. In the past, signatory groups boycotted the CTS when it denounced their shortcomings or non-observance of the rules. Its involvement would be all the more useful that the international mediation that sits on it has gained a greater power of arbitration between the parties since the signing of the Peace Pact on 15 October , an additional document which is supposed to revive the implementation of the agreement.

It oversees the proper application of the June Peace and Reconciliation Agreement. The October Peace Pact strengthens the powers of the international mediation team by entrusting it with the ability to arbitrate with binding decisions in the event of divergences between the government and the signatory parties. Due to the weakness or absence of Malian security forces in the affected areas, the MINUSMA, chair of the CTS and an impartial actor, should take action against those who circulate unregistered armed convoys or engage in violent interception of convoys.

These activities, since they often involve fighters affiliated with signatory groups, are in effect violations of the ceasefire that the MINUSMA is mandated to prevent. Hide Footnote They must not only issue useful rules, but also act against potential offenders. The MINUSMA, busy with thwarting jihadist attacks and better protecting civilians in central Mali, is reluctant to assume this role, which few stabilisation missions take up. Hide Footnote But since the peace process cannot move forward without reducing clashes between drug traffickers, the MINUSMA should tackle this problem by playing a concrete role in reducing the violence associated with drug trafficking.

Peter eds. In the long term, the joint force of the G5 Sahel, whose mandate includes the fight against cross-border crime, could take over from the MINUSMA or supplement its action. For its part, Operation Barkhane might consider revising its mandate to support the MINUSMA in controlling the circulation of heavy weapons and rolling stock, since it also has an interest in the proper application of CTS decisions on the subject.

Soldiers of international forces present in Mali are reluctant to engage in the fight against drug trafficking. They point out that it requires excessive military oversight and intervention resources. Hide Footnote While preventing the circulation of illicit products on this immense territory seems unrealistic, targeted and localised military operations can have a dissuasive effect on trafficking groups. The sanctions regime established by UN Resolution of 5 September against those impeding the implementation of the peace agreement is another tool for fighting the most violent drug traffickers.

A member of the panel of experts created pursuant to this resolution is responsible for trafficking issues. Hide Footnote The sanctions, including the travel ban that will affect the businessmen involved, should as a priority target the traffickers or criminal groups who use heavy weapons to intercept or protect convoys, as well as those whose support for or funding of terrorist groups is proven. Sanctions should not be used to eliminate influential economic actors, which would risk reviving the conflict, but rather to encourage them to reconcile their commercial interests with the imperative of demilitarisation of northern Mali, a crucial step for stabilising the region.

The fight against drug trafficking, including through the sanctions regime, is not without risk. This risk can be mitigated by simultaneously targeting the two rival groups. In view of the personalities incriminated by the first report from the panel of UN experts on Mali, this balance is for the time being only partially ensured.

It would probably have been wise to target the latter as well. Indeed, interception is the driving force behind militarisation of trafficking in northern Mali. Trafficking alone cannot explain the conflict that prevails in this region, but it aggravates the underlying intra- and inter-community cleavages, and sharpens the tensions between pro-government and pro-rebel networks.

At the same time, increased competition between networks makes traffickers less and less controllable, including by the politico-military groups for which they are a resource but also a matter of concern. By working to demilitarise traffickers, international actors can limit their negative effects in the short term. Qui est fou, je pars pas!

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Alors la dame: - Tiens, c'est marrant, vous n'avez pas du tout le type. Il n'a qu'une oreille. Merde alors.. Il en sait rien du tout si ce suspect porte ou non des lentilles de contact.. Je n'en reviens pas. C'est VRAI!! Il porte bien des lentilles de contact!! Comment as-tu fait?????? Ils ont un enfant. Chez E. Motifs : 1. Il suggera de retourner le message..

Elle : vas-y sauvagement! Lui : Oui, Oui, Elle : Continue! Lui : Oui, Oui! Elle : Ne sois pas timide Lui : Oui! Elle : Montre que tu es un homme! Lui : Oui! Elle : Dis-moi des choses sales! Lui : la cuisine, la salle de bain, le salon, la bagnole La vie informatique Les abeilles les fleurs les choux la p'tite graine.. Nous sommes alors partis prendre un verre et manger ensemble. Il engage une lutte violente avec le crocodile. Vous voulez ma Rolex alors? Une blonde et une brune marchent dans la rue. Voyant l'air abasourdi du promeneur, il demande : " Vous n'auriez pas du papier toilette, je n'ai plus de poussins"!!!

De temps en temps il entendait cette petite voix au fond de lui qui essayait de le rassurer : - Ne t'en fais pas BEN, tu n'es pas le premier toubib qui couche avec un de ses patients et tu ne seras pas le dernier! Il y a une autre blague de ce genre.. C'est un nain il a huit enfants Ben elle est courte mais elle est bonne!!! Extrait de clients a la con. Client : Ah C'est vraiment cher! Un vendeur se trouve avec un papy : Client : Bonjour, monsieur, je voudrais Client cherchant ses mots : Je voudrais Client l'air perdu : Eh bien, qu'est ce que vous avez?

Vendeur : Tout type de machine, des ordinateurs, des scanners, des imprimantes Client : C'est quoi, un scanner? Le vendeur explique Client : Euh, non, pas encore Vendeur : Alors il faut d'abord en acheter un!

Mémoires de François Martin, fondateur de Pondichéry (1665-1696). Tome I

Client : Ah bon, bon Ils se dirigent vers les rayons. Le vendeur explique et termine : Vendeur Client : Ah d'accord C'est pour faire deux ou trois truc, comme les autres Un vendeur se trouve avec un coouple de petits vieux : Client : Est-ce que auriez des disquettes? Vendeur : Des disquettes vierges? Oui, par ici Client : Non, on cherches des disquettes remplies Vendeur : Quel est ce message d'erreur?

Client : "This program has been successfully installed". Chez le client : Client : Vous auriez pu voir que le lecteur de disquette ne fonctionne pas, j'ai plus confiance en cet ordinateur, changez le moi. Technicien : Quel est le message d'erreur? Client : Non, vous auriez pu le dire avant! Technicien Vendeur :!!!??? Cliente : [ Technicien : Ah! Cliente : Non, j'ai juste Word !! Technicien : Ah mais madame, vous avez forcement windows! Technicien : Oui madame, bon, le Ctrl Alt Suppr ne marche donc pas! Vous allez appuyer sur le bouton Reset madame. Cliente : Mais j'ai pas Reset non plus, je n'ai plus rien du tout je vous dis!

Technicien : Mais madame Soupir Technicien : Madame! Le bouton Reset se trouve sur votre tour! Cliente : Ah! Technicien : Mais non madame!! Vous appuyez sur le bouton Reset!! Cliente : Mais je ne le trouve pas. Cliente Client : Mon modem ne fonctionne pas. Technicien : :????????? Client : En effet, mais il n'y a aucun driver pour l'OS X Client : Alors, vous constatez comme moi qu'il n'y en a que pour l'OS X lettre de l'alphabet. Client : Ah! Par terre. Il s'endort en se disant que sa femme n'a rien entendu.

Le flic lui dit: - T'as une amende, mais je te donne une chance. Qu'est ce qui a un volant et quatre roues? Qu'est ce qui a un guidon et deux roues? Bon, t'as 50 euros d'amende. Le gamin dit au flic: - Et moi, je peux te poser une devinette? Dix quoi? Il lui tend les bras et il dit: - Je suis vraiment content de te voir Theresa. Copyright Carambar : Pourquoi un Suisse Allemand ne fait jamais la vaiselle??? Reponse : Parce qu'il essuie salement.. L'Italien : Tue l'amant tue sa femme prend sa Ferrari rouge et va manger une pizza. Le Chinois : Accepte la situation.

Le Suisse : Il pardonne sa femme Une blonde est en vacances en Louisiane. Et elle quitte le magasin. Seulement au Canada Que les gens commandent un double cheeseburger, des gros frites et un Coke Diet. Que les banques laissent les portes ouvertes et enchainent le stylo au comptoir. Que nous utilisons des afficheurs pour filtrer les appels et utilisons l'appel en attente pour ne pas rater l'appel que nous ne voulions pas avoir. Nous avons des distributeurs automatiques "service au volant" avec des inscriptions en Braille. Le mariage, c'est le triomphe de l'imagination sur l'intelligence.

Commander une pizza en : Standardiste : Speed-Pizza, bonjour. Client : Bonjour, je souhaite passer une commande. Standardiste : Puis-je avoir votre NIN, monsieur?? Jacques Lavoie. Client timidement : oui?!! Client soupir : Ah bon?! Qu'est-ce que vous me proposez alors?? Client : Qu'est-ce qui vous fait croire que je vais aimer cette pizza?

Recettes gourmandes au soja? Mlle Denoix a fait, avant hier, une recherche sur le Net, en utilisant le moteur www. Client : Bon d'accord. Donnez-m'en deux, format familial. C'est ce qu'indique le credicard-satellis-tracer Client : J'irai chercher du liquide au distributeur avant que le livreur n'arrive. Merci pour cette contribution. Bonjour Monsieur. Merci beaucoup pour ces conseils.

Dois je envoyer que les histoires ou les histoires avec les dessins? Vaut il mieux envoyer par mail ou par courrier? Merci Maman Grenouille! Avis aux mamans et papas et aux grands-parents qui souhaitent faire travailler leur imagination au service des petits …. Bonjour Patrick. Ou arrangez-vous pour vous en inspirez seulement en changeant les faits et les lieux. Merci PS : Ararel est le nom de mon roman …. Alors, restez confiante et dormez sur vos deux oreilles … Patrick. Quel est le meilleur choix? Merci de votre aide Anne-marie. Renseignez-vous avant.

Concurrence :??? Bonne publication Patrick. Pour conclure, je vous dirai : lancez-vous si vous en avez la profonde motivation. Ah la grande question que nous nous posons tous! Tous les grands destins commencent par un premier pas. Merci donc pour ce site qui remet bien les choses en place. Merci encore. Encore merci et au passage, votre blog est vraiment super! Concernant la taille de la police, je vous conseille le 12, voire le Si cela vous convient, gardez ce style. Bonjour Marie et merci. Vos remarques sur mon blog sont encourageantes.

Est-ce que vous vous payez un correcteur? Et, si oui, quel est le prix? Vous leur envoyez votre manuscrit tapuscrit par mail. Merci pour vos soutiens. Bonjour, vous trouverez de nombreux conseils sur ce blog. Bonjour Patrick, Merci pour toutes vos explications si dessus. Plus la mise en page sera simple et mieux ce sera. Le mieux est de le faire dans un format A4 avec une mise en page toute simple. Bonne publication, Patrick. Ou dois je inventer les noms? Bonne recherche, Patrick. Pourriez-vous me donner quelques informations concernant la publication de recueils?

Merci pour les conseils. Que dois-je faire? Merci par avance. Le jour qui va changer ma vie. Ne te donne pas de faux espoirs! Cette petite fille de 5 ans qui se tient debout devant moi en fait partie. Des larmes coulent infiniment de son visage rempli de taches de rousseurs. On se regarde en silence pendant quelques secondes.

Une vie calme, paisible. Tant pis. Promets-moi de vivre. Toi aussi tu vas me manquer Lilwen. Ne craque pas, Mira. Soudain, une sonnerie retentit. Soudain, je me sens mal. Elle se retourne pour nous adresser un dernier petit signe de main et nous regarde avec des yeux plus implorants que jamais. Je pars en bousculant les gens autour moi. Je cours. Aussi vite que mon corps me le permet.

Parfois, je ne les comprends pas. Quelle heure est-il? Je reviens dans 5 minutes. Tant pis, il me reste peu de temps. Je pars en trottinant vers la boulangerie. La vendeuse est en train de fermer. Je cours le plus vite possible. Heureusement que je suis rapide en sprint. Ah oui. Je ne sais pas vous, mais moi, je ne supporte pas les gens qui vous disent bonsoir alors que vous venez de dire bonjour. Elle pose la baguette sur le bar. En sortant, je ne vois pas Lilwen au loin.

Oh non. Il faut que je rentre chez moi. Bravo, quelle imagination! Mes questions sont 1 J aimerais tenter les grandes maisons gallimard car j aime la promesse de l aube de Garry, Albin Michel pour Nothomb et Weber et autres, le Seuil notamment pour le jardin de l aveugle, laffont. Est ce plus facile? Bonjour Julie, que voulez-vous dire? Donc merci a vous.

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