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Automotive paintwork is, on the face of it at least, a relatively simple affair; you simply pick the one which you like best, care for it effectively something which we at Autoglym are more than capable of helping out with , and bask in just how well it suits your car. The colour which inspired this blog. Honda Championship White is pretty much shorthand for any Type R model nowadays.

The fact that when you picture a Type R-badged Honda it will almost certainly be in this colour rather proves how iconic this simple shade of white actually is!

The Most Popular Paint Color The Year You Were Born - Popular Paint Colors

The most iconic supercar in the world, painted in the most iconic car colour. The icing on the cake? The oh so special green flash running down both sides, a colour more correctly known as Sherwood Green, dontcha know. The name alone makes it stand out from the more genteel names favoured by most European car makers, let alone the confusing strings of letters and numbers favoured by the Japanese.

This is one of those car and colour combinations that even those who view vehicles in the same manner as they do washing machines i. A Guards Red Porsche Turbo is among the most iconic images of the s, normally with a perfectly coiffed yuppie at the wheel!

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Shoulder pads, Filofax and house brick-sized mobile phone optional but highly recommended. Colin McRae. A sodden wet Welsh rally stage in mid-November. I would maybe add olympic blue of the mk1 escorts.

List of colors: A–F

Homeowners favored soft blues and greens throughout the decade, and this calming turquoise color was especially popular in the mids. Pastels remained popular for most of the decade, but the once peachy-pink gave way to a subtler, almost neutral , pink. As the popularity of pastels faded, gray walls emerged as an alternative neutral to off-white.

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  6. A new decade brought an end to the beloved pastels of the s, bringing back earthy tones more reminiscent of the 70s. Beige, brown, terracotta, deep red, and green were the most popular during this era, starting with a sand-colored beige. Sherwin-Williams also has a similar earthy red that was popular during this time. Call it a throwback to the 70s or its own bold look, but green was everywhere in the 90s.

    Forest green was especially popular in the early 90s.

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    Orange seems to take the spotlight every decade. From deep purple to nearly-black , this dark look was popular in the middle of the decade. French , country-style kitchens were all the rage in the early 90s.

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    French blue emerged as a popular interior color, especially when it was used as an accent against beige or neutral walls. While the decade was nearing its end, dark walls were still in fashion.

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    The dominance of the color green stayed strong throughout the 90s. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Eric Piasecki. Trevor Tondro. James Merrell. House Beautiful.

    2. Light Pink

    Francesco Lagnese. Thomas Loof.

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